Online Patient Service is your friend!

Hi, Petey P. Cup here again to remind you about a friend worth having. With all of the great qualities below, you can’t go wrong with

It’s Helpful

  • You can use it to schedule, cancel and review clinic appointments
  • It allows you to view and print immunization records
  • The Health Information Library provides healthcare definitions for your reference

It’s Reliable

  • The site is always there for you – it’s available for use 24/7 from anywhere you have Internet access
  • It gives you your lab test results within 24 hours
  • It gives you preventive healthcare reminders even when you forget – doh!

It Knows You

  • It keeps track of your medications – you can view and print your complete medications list
  • It remembers everyone by name and can manage your entire family’s healthcare with one simple log on

It’s Compassionate

  • It’s a great listener and cares about your concerns – you can send private, secure messages to your doctor, nurse or other care team member
  • It even cares about the environment with paperless electronic explanations of benefits. Hey, even though I’m often yellow, I’m all about going green!

So if you’re searching for a new friend and a new way to look at healthcare, look no further! Learn more about online patient services and sign up today!*

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* HealthPartners Clinics accept most major insurance plans. All patients who use HealthPartners Clinics are eligible to use online patient services at