CB Scroller CB Affiliate Marketing Tool.

With application Builder of Scroller CB (PHP script), you will be able to create great appearance Money Making scrolling text boxes for your WordPress Blogs and web sites.
It is simply more easy! Thank you for adding more exciting for my arsenal of marketing in ages web.More messing around complete with affiliate ID and sorting by CB.Je products can now configure variety chosen products with ease!Bobby.Photobiz4u.com   MultiplyMatching your ClickBank Affiliate salesWith no experience – day!
You can create an unlimited number of scrollers with our application Builder of Scroller CB (PHP script) .you can create a Scroller in a few minutes, as shown below.Aspect of the ticker can be configured easily.
Just 4 easy steps to create a ScrollerLoad CB CB Scroller Application Builder in your browser and start creating CB scrollers.
Enter a keyword related to your website. Select all Clickbank products in the list.In the next screen, you see a large list of relevant Clickbank products that offer 75% Commission.Vous can add a number any related items in the list.

Note that you can edit the title and the description if necessary. With this option, you can make ads more attractive scrolling.  Also you can remove the formulations as ‘ 75% affiliate payout ‘,’ affiliates earn 75% ‘ etc. in the scrollers. Project settingsEnter your affiliate ID Clickbank, choose choose colors, adapted size Scroller, etc. of the police.
The ‘ drop-down color palettes will help you choose the appropriate colors.Then press ‘ Generate the Source Code ‘ button.  Copy and paste the HTML generated in your website or a Blog WordPress in the last step, simply copy and paste the generated code in a place suitable CB Scroller and your website HTML code will begin scrolling immédiatement.Notez we have included a Preview in the last step to show you how the scroll will appear in a site prior to inserting the code.AND is it!

How to install the application Builder from Scroller CB-PHP script.Create a folder in your Web site and download only the 2 PHP files and 5 text files as you would normally.There is no special experience required.Load the URL to start PHP script using the Scroller CB.Vous Builder application get step by step with the script installation manual.Order CB ScrollerSimply click the link below command and get ready to start workBig ClickBank affiliate Commission today!Order now for just $ 67.75 $ 49.75anddownload instantlyCBScroller!PS: don’t miss this opportunity to make unlimited Affiliate Commission 100% free risk 56 days (8 weeks) money back guaranteeorder today and see what enormous potential is offered with CB Scroller for this one low payment, unique.Vous have 56 days to decide – if at anytime you feel that you are not completely satisfied, just contact us for a full, asked non-questions. refund Hope to see inside!

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